Journalist Rupinder Kumar arrested over blackmail and extortion allegations

Journalist Rupinder Kumar among 3 arrested for blackmail and extortion claims

The Punjab Vigilance Bureau (VB) has arrested three individuals, including a journalist, for allegedly blackmailing and extorting money from a government official. The accused, Umardeen and Saleem, who are property agents, and Rupinder Kumar, a reporter for a private TV channel, were arrested in Nabha, Patiala district, following a complaint from a registry clerk.

According to the complaint, the accused had been blackmailing the clerk and demanding a total of Rs. 5 lakh in exchange for not reporting him for accepting a bribe of Rs. 500. However, the clerk denied accepting any bribe and said the money was exchanged for notes.

Entrapment operations

The VB set up a trap and caught Umardeen accepting the second instalment of extortion money in the presence of two official witnesses. The team also recovered Rs. 40,000 from Umardeen that he had taken as the first instalment. The other two accused were subsequently arrested.

The spokesperson for the VB stated that the journalist, Rupinder Kumar, had been using his position and resources to assist the other accused in extorting money from the government official.

The use of a cell phone camera to record the exchange of money, with the intent to blackmail and extort, was a key aspect of the investigation. The VB is currently investigating the case and gathering evidence to build a strong case against the accused.

The involvement of a journalist in such a case is highly concerning, as it undermines the credibility and integrity of the profession. It is important for journalists to adhere to ethical standards and refrain from any activities that could be perceived as a violation of the public trust. The VB has assured that they will take strict action against the accused and bring them to justice for their actions.

The state government has also condemned the involvement of a journalist in such illegal activities and has urged the media to maintain its standards and respect the laws of the land.

The government has also assured that it will take all necessary measures to ensure that the guilty are punished and the integrity of the profession is upheld.

The case serves as a reminder of the need for all citizens, including journalists, to uphold the law and refrain from engaging in illegal activities. The VB has urged the public to come forward with any information that could assist in their investigation.