Mike Pompeo releases list of media blacklist including Politico, NBC

Mike Pompeo’s top 10 list: Journalists who ‘fueled false narratives’ during Trump admin

In his new book, “Never Give An Inch: Fighting for the America I Love,” former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo lists the top 10 journalists he feels were the most unfair to him during his tenure under former President Donald Trump.

Contentious relationship with media

Mike Pompeo has long had a contentious relationship with the media and has developed thick skin from years of criticism, as he writes in his book. He states that he and Trump had a good working relationship because they were “almost totally insensitive to the demands of disingenuous Democrats and the legacy media.”

Pompeo starts by discussing coverage of his nomination to become Secretary of State, stating that “the media wanted to see me go down.”

Media accused of peddling ‘false narratives’

He singles out Politico reporter Nahal Toosi, describing her as “one of the reporters fueling false narratives about me and our team throughout my four years.” He also cites Chris Wallace and NBC’s Andrea Mitchell as interviewers who tried to drive a wedge between him and Trump.

He also criticises Bob Woodward, who Trump directed him to talk to despite his reluctance, stating that Woodward “used the risk that someone would have dished on me to try and coerce me to dish on others.”

Mike Pompeo’s book

In his book, Pompeo further calls out CNN’s Jim Acosta, the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin, and conservative commentator Bill Kristol for false reports that he conspired with other Trump officials to use the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office.

Pompeo also recounts an incident where he was supposed to receive an award from the mother of a journalist who had been killed by terrorists, but the award was withdrawn after an emcee, journalist Christiane Amanpour, said she would not participate if Pompeo was being honored, citing “Trump” as the reason.

Mike Pompeo concludes by saying that he has no regrets for challenging the media and their tactics. He states that “the correct response to this kind of harassment is to grow thicker skin, step up your game, and keep winning for America.”